Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Smoke in the kitchen

Ethan wanted one of my homemade rolls and asked if he could get one. I told him that was OK and so he went to the kitchen to get one and decided to heat it up. Unbeknownst to me he put it in the microwave and pushed a bunch of numbers and then the start button. Anyway...he calls me from downstairs and says that his bread is too hot and he wants me to fix the microwave


"Turn it off, Ethan."

"No...YOU do it!"

So, I come down and the whole downstairs is filled with smoke and smoke is POURING out of the still running microwave (with 3 minutes still left). I turned the microwave off and quickly started opening all the windows and put the boys on the front porch for some air.

I don't think the roll actually caught on fire, but it certainly smoked the house up pretty good. Anyway...I've had a fan on and all the windows open for nearly an hour and a half and the kitchen still smells like smoke.

Fortunately Michael laughed when Ethan called to tell him what happened.