Monday, May 28, 2007

A Cure for Ovarian Cancer

Two months ago Grandma Bean (83) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Both of Grandma’s sisters died of ovarian cancer and we are fairly certain that we have a genetic disposition to the disease. Grandma’s cancer was discovered because she was feeling overwhelmingly tired and was sleeping all the time. James and Kristi went to see her and said that she looked just terrible. The color of Grandma’s skin looked faded and gray. The doctor observed that the tumor was very large and was the reason for her belly being so swollen. Blood tests revealed that her CA-125 level was 1400. The doctor gave Grandma a month to live.

Uncle Michael gave my mom the book, “The cancer cure that worked”. It is a story about a man named Royal Rife and his life’s work. Mom started reading it on the airplane flight to Oregon to go take care of Grandma and told me about the parts that she read when she got there. Apparently Royal Rife invented a microscope that could see much smaller than what is normally accepted, even today. Using this microscope Rife was able to see viruses.

It has been widely known within certain circles, but not formally recognized that nurses who have worked in Leukemia wards have themselves died of Leukemia. Such was the case with my mother’s cousin Roberta who was a Leukemia ward nurse. She died nine months after her triplets were born. The pregnancy was such a strain on her system the Leukemia virus finally got a foothold and took her.

It has been generally recognized that a certain cervical cancer is caused by a virus.

With the discovery that cancer is caused by a virus Rife developed the technology to kill the virus using frequency. Much like a wine glass may be shattered if exposed to the correct frequency the viruses were killed when exposed to their corresponding frequencies. Everything has a rate at which it naturally vibrates. When you vibrate something at this natural rate (or frequency) it responds strongly.

I found a video online of parameciums filmed under a microscope while being exposed to the Rife frequency. There were about 15 on the screen all of which were moving around and healthy. Then when exposed to their resonant frequency they began to vibrate and then burst on the edge and spill all of their contents into the fluid they were occupying. I was completely amazed.

Uncle Michael spent about a week finding and programming his Rife machine to the ovarian cancer frequency. Grandma got Rife treatments several times a day and one chemo treatment before the doctor took her CA-125 levels again. They had dropped to 700. I think the doctor was surprised by the extremely positive response, except he doesn’t know that Grandma was getting any other treatment. After the second chemo and continued daily treatments with the Rife machine Grandma’s CA-125 levels dropped to 156. With the treatments, Grandma started feeling better and was able to eat more and got her color back. She didn’t believe that the chemo was doing any good so she told the doctor she wouldn’t do any more chemo treatments unless she had her CA-125 measured again. The doctor, I’m told, was annoyed because he knew the level would be higher since she hadn’t had any chemo treatment since her last lab tests, but agreed to do the tests anyway. The CA-125 level came back at 46. For both my Grandma and my mom that proved that the chemo was not lowering the cancer levels but the Rife machine was.

What is especially interesting is that after the third blood test the doctor said that the levels for colon cancer were rising. He was baffled to explain why the chemo was making the ovarian cancer levels drop so significantly but the colon cancer levels were rising. My mom expressed frustration that the doctor had not told her about the colon cancer. Considering that the doctor originally expected Grandma to live only a month given the advanced state of her ovarian cancer, I’m sure that mentioning that Grandma had an early stage of colon cancer as well would have been pointless.

For us it was an even greater confirmation that the Rife machine was working since it had been programmed to the ovarian cancer frequencies and not colon cancer.

My mom got in contact with a man who has been promoting Royal Rife’s work and there is a newer Rife machine (F-scan) that detects viruses as well. Kind of like a sonar detects fish in a fishing hole. Mom got the newer machine, which would by default address the colon cancer. She told me Grandma has over 50 hits and it takes about 2 hours to go through 2 minutes of treatment for each hit. Not surprisingly, to us anyway, the colon cancer levels started dropping as her treatment with the F-scan continued. My mom said the doctor seemed annoyed with the astounding progress. It seems counter-intuitive, but then she explained to me that each chemo treatment is several thousand dollars. This particular doctor has had cancer patients undergoing chemo for several years... her recovery, despite his chemo, means lost revenue for him.

Mom told me that Laurence Welk came on a few days into the newer treatment and Grandma started doing the jitterbug in the living room. I’d say it was a miraculous change to go from “you have a month to live” to doing the jitterbug in your living room.