Monday, March 27, 2006

Revolution of the Stripling Capitalists

Children are much more apt to learn and internalize things they are taught. Just imagine what the next generation will do based on the truth that we will teach them.

I am a stay-at-home mom with three children. Already I have applied the principles that Rick talks about in teaching them and I have seen a WORLD of difference at home.

Personal liberty requires private property Nothing belongs to the whole family. A toy either belongs to an individual child (or if it was a gift intended for all of them) it belongs to me and I decide to share with who and when. We do not force anyone to share. Sharing is completely optional.

What I’ve observed: There is a LOT less fighting over toys. Property rights are established and protected. With this security in personal property the children are much more eager to share their toys because they know they’re going to get it back and sharing promotes getting shared with (exchange creates wealth). The toys are getting much better taken care of now that individual children have also accepted stewardship over their toys (agency implies stewardship).

When we go over to another child’s house and their mothers force them to share their toys (Force Destroys Freedom and Prosperity and in the case of both parents Collective Action Has No Unique Moral Authority) there is a lot of resentment and the child isn’t that anxious for their “friends” to come play again.

Get what you incentivize I used this one just last night. Somebody did something inappropriate and we brought everyone in to look at the evidence. I told them, either you can confess and get 1 punishment or nobody tells me and everybody gets 2 punishments. The guilty party confessed and was happy about not getting two punishments.