Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Favorite Aunt & Uncle!

Rosie and Jerry were out for Rosie's High School Reunion. I'm not sure which one, probably 25th? ;-)

It was SO nice having family around. The kids especially loved having a grandpa-type person that they could climb on and give kisses.

Elle has never known either one of her Grandpas. She was only 4 months old my my dad died. We went to watch the boys at pre-baseball training camp a while back and there was another family along the fence watching their players. Elle was fascinated with the little girl and her grandpa. She kept looking at him and finally asked me, "What is one of those?" pointing to the grandpa. I told her he was the little girl's grandpa. She looked down and tried to think of something and then said, "Can I have one?" Heartbreaking.

We have two aunts on my Dad's side and two uncles on my Mom's side. Out of everybody these guys are my FAVORITES! It's moments like these that I'm super grateful that Families are Forever!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Egyptian Death Masks

The boys made their very own custom fit Egyptian Death Masks. I used strips of material from Ethan's mummy costume from last year and dipped them into plaster of paris. They were very good and tried to hold still as the plaster set up just enough to get the masks off.

After they were dried for a day or two they painted them to look like their own faces. Ethan made his with one blue eye and one green eye, just like he has. Hunter tried to outline his eyes in black like in his other drawings, but it made the mask look like a raccoon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Pyramids of Egypt & Models of Mercury

We constructed our own pyramids out of sugar cubes as part of our History curriculum this year. We are working on the Ancient world this semester and currently focusing on Egypt. We also tried to make a model of Egypt itself. Making the water was tricky, but we used plaster of paris. We put one of the pyramids in upper Egypt. It wasn't long before the ants discovered the pyramids. Hunter was really excited to have ants as an addition to our model. He said, "Those are the people!"

We came out one morning and the pyramid was completely gone. At first I assumed that Michael threw it away, but when questioned about it he didn't know anything about it. I'm guessing some small animal discovered the yummy treat and made off with it before someone else did.

For science we are working on Astronomy. The boys write down some facts in their notebooks, draw a picture and then we'll have a hands on project. Hunter usually gets done before Ethan so he started working on his salt dough model of Mercury complete with lots and lots of craters (due to the extremely thin atmosphere).