Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Favorite Aunt & Uncle!

Rosie and Jerry were out for Rosie's High School Reunion. I'm not sure which one, probably 25th? ;-)

It was SO nice having family around. The kids especially loved having a grandpa-type person that they could climb on and give kisses.

Elle has never known either one of her Grandpas. She was only 4 months old my my dad died. We went to watch the boys at pre-baseball training camp a while back and there was another family along the fence watching their players. Elle was fascinated with the little girl and her grandpa. She kept looking at him and finally asked me, "What is one of those?" pointing to the grandpa. I told her he was the little girl's grandpa. She looked down and tried to think of something and then said, "Can I have one?" Heartbreaking.

We have two aunts on my Dad's side and two uncles on my Mom's side. Out of everybody these guys are my FAVORITES! It's moments like these that I'm super grateful that Families are Forever!

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