Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

So Uncle Paul out in Colorado sent Elle this little Juicy Couture outfit. I about had a fit when I saw the price tag! OMG!!! SERIOUSLY!?!? He bought it on sale, but the original price...YIKES! So here are some pictures of her cuteness. I love the one on the bottom (no pun intended...well, OK maybe it was!) Just you wait Uncle Paul. You'll have a little miss before you know it!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Based on the previous failures of Garrett's fifth degree hand me down high chair I went looking for a new (used) one on Craig's list. I found an updated model in the style and color that I liked. But it was south of San Jose. The trip down there took much longer than I had anticipated. Due to my high degree of directional ineptitude I had to stop by Fry's to get a new power cord for my GPS because I knew the battery wouldn't make the trip. I looked up our destination and saw that it was just south of San Jose so I thought it would be a quick little detour and then we could go to the Children's museum down there. Gettting to San Jose was an hour fifteen. After that it was we were winding back and forth on a road that just kept going. A full 2 hours later we arrived to pick up Garrett's new high chair. The kids were tired of sitting and getting antsy after being in car so long. Dang my handicap! I didn't realize it would be so far!

I promised the kids relief shortly. The trip back into San Jose didn't seem too long, but by the time we got into the parking lot of the Museum it was nearly 1 pm. I fed everybody lunch right there in the parking lot before we went in. The Museum was loads of fun, as usual!

We were only able to spend a few hours there, but the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I got to take Garrett into the baby's only room. He found a ball and chased it around.

We stayed later than usual and Michael had the only cell phone between us. On the way out I was painfully aware of a modern day lack of pay phones. Cell phones have phased them out. I approached a family in the parking lot and asked to use their phone so I could let my husband know we were on our way home. They were understandably suspicious but were kind enough to let me call, just so long as they dialed the number. I left a message and then went to get in the car and it was dead. Dead as a doornail. We've had problems with the starter, but this was NOT the starter...it was the battery. I knew I could roll start it, but the Cruiser was pointed the wrong direction on the incline in the parking lot. Several strangers coming out of the Children's musuem got involved and after it was determined that nobody out of three families had jumper cables I got in the driver's seat and they pushed the Cruiser backwards and then got behind it for a running start to get it jumpstarted. I poped the clutch and HURRAY!!! We were off! I gave big thanks to all of my impromtu heros and they waved me on with smiles and satisfaction. I got about two blocks away and Ethan informed me at the stop light that Elle was out of her seat belt. I took my foot off the gas to turn around and look while we were stopped at the light and the car died. Right there in the middle of the road. Oh...Crap. It was a totally flat street. Not even a little roll in either direction. Fortunately there was very little traffic that I was impeding. I hit the steering wheel a few times and then had to regroup.

I waved cars around me as they came as I thought about what I was going to do. I had no cell phone. Michael would be expecting me an hour from when I left the message. I had a car full of kids who would be getting hungry. What to do....

I saw two guys walking on the sidewalk opposite of where I was. They looked strong....I bet they could push me started again. I called them over. They tried, but alas the car would not start. We tried going forward and backwards to no avail. They rolled me over to the side of the road where I made a big sign in Ethan's notebook that said, "JUMPER CABLES?". I stood outside the car holding my sign and waited. The two guys felt a vested interest in my situation and stuck around to help. One of them ran back to get their car hoping there would be jumper cables inside. Nope.

It was interesting to see different people's reaction to my sign. Some people pretended not to see me. Others shook their heads sympathetically and shrugged their shoulders as if to say, "No, but I wish I could help."

Finally a young businessman stopped in his porche and GAVE us his jumper cables. He couldn't stick around to wait so he just let us have them. They were short so my helpers had to pull their car up to mine nose to nose for them to reach. They got me started! I insisted that they keep the cables and also gave them a Book of Mormon and shared a little bit of my testimony. By the time we got back on the road the commute traffic was horrible!

It was stops and starts and at one point I had to slam on my brakes. ...see you thought the story was over, right? Well Hunter, who was sound asleap, came flying forward. Car seat and all. Seems someone (Elle) unbuckled his seatbelt. It scared both of us. I pulled over into the left hand shoulder to fix it. Ethan was beside himself. He didn't want to stop because we might not be able to get started again. But he didn't want his brother to get hurt either. "I just want to go home!" he cried. Fortunately I got Hunter seat buckled again while managing to keep the car running. Two and a half hours later we finally got home. Sigh...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting to a good place

Years ago I heard a story of a farmer who hit a bad season and was struggling. The lender who had provided the financing on the farm was concerned and made an appointment to come over to make sure his investment was still sound. The farmer's wife got out the best china. She did her hair, wore her best dress and put on a fantastic dinner for the man. During his visit the creditor's fears were relieved and he extended their contract rather than calling the debt in. That story has always come to mind whenever we are having a rough patch. Sometimes you have to smile durring hard times. This story is also in line with The Secret which has taken eternal truths and expounded upon them in a secular way that most people can understand, and accept. You bring what you focus on. You reap what you sow.

On Monday we had an early Family Home Evening. Michael had an interview the next day so I wanted to create a good day for him that he would be relaxed and full of positive family energy for his interview. We went to the Big Slide park and rode bikes, flew kites and Micheal played ball with the boys. It was a wonderful day! That evening I made a special dinner like the farmer's wife. Our table was full that evening.

The next day Michael's interview started at 9am. I still hadn't heard from him by 11:00. I figured that the longer it had been, the better. I didn't call. I just kept a prayer in my heart and faith in my thoughts.

Michael made a very good impression. He was offered the job on the spot. They wanted him to start the next day. He started Thursday instead. I could see Heavenly Father's hand in providing this opportunity for our family. His new employer offers a program that fully reimburses continuing education. He will be working on UC Berkley campus which means he will be able to get his Bachelor's degree (we've wondered how to pay for it for some time) and it will fit perfectly into his work schedule. We have been sustained financially and spiritually through this extreemly trying time. I thank God for sustaining us and giving us the opportunity to increase our faith.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny IS real

As many of you know Michael has been out of work since October. Easter is a very important holiday religiously. As a member of the Primary Presidency we organized a special Back to Bethlehem activity to have the children walk through the last week of Christ's life. This activity was how I planned on commemorating the holiday for the children. We simply didn't have anything extra to spend on Easter Baskets. It's fun to play, but I've always emphasized to the kids that the Easter Bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy are myths. They can still enjoy those childhood moments and memories but I've always wanted them to be able to trust that I have always taught them the truth. I never wanted them to discover the truth about childhood myths on their own and question other things I taught them. I realized this year that the Easter Bunny IS real. By that I don't mean there is a fuzzy bunny hopping throughout the world distributing chocolate eggs. It's the spirit of the Easter Bunny that is real. I suspect it's the same spirit that embodies Santa. Anyway, an anonymous bunny dropped off a bag full of goodies and presents for the children. I felt so appreciative and grateful that someone would be aware of our situation, remember our children and want to help create those precious childhood memories for them. So yes,Virginia, the Easter Bunny is real.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elle gives herself a haircut

Elle had a turn to bring Clifford home from Tiny Tots over the weekend. She was supposed to take him to do fun things and write about her experience. As it was this is the last picture I have of her with that adorable lock of hair in front. She got a hold of a pair of scissors and cut it off... extremely short. When asked why she did it she said it was bothering her. AUGH!!! Clips! We could have used CLIPS!

Here's a pic of the new do. Fortunately you can't really tell since her hair is so curly. But I really miss that front lock.