Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oh no, you DI'INT

Now that the kids are all in public school, I've been interviewing for Chemical Engineering positions.
So as part of my effort to prepare for an upcoming interview I went with a friend to Kohls to get some new clothes that both look professional and POP with some fun color.  She picked out two shirtsthat were the same design in different colors.  Plus we pulled a jacket off to see how it would look, so she recommended I get the jacket too even though I had one at home.  My friend also helped me pick out some new bras, cause you know, mine were all two sizes too big and meant for nursing.  So that really wasn't working.  Turns out the bras were buy one get one half off, so I got two that fit really nicely.  WIN!

Husband got home and took me to the outlets to find some clothes.  Ann Taylor had a great suit and blouse that was the same color that my friend picked out but I liked the cut a lot better. 

SOOO....the day after my interview I went back to Kohls to return the Jacket and the two blouses that I didn't use.  I expected to get back $120 plus tax because the jacket was $60 and each shirt was $30. 
Turns out the person who checked me out didn't ring me up correctly.  Rather than scan both shirts she scanned one shirt twice.  Same difference.  HOWEVER, the girl (Ashley) who was handling the return scanned my receipt and then scanned both shirts and announced to me that the pink shirt was not on the receipt and that I would not be able to return it. 

Excuse me?  Yes you will take it back.  I bought these two days ago, the tags are still on.  The cashier screwed up, not me. 

OK Ma'am.  Calm down.  It's not my job to make sure the cashiers do theirs. 

She probably scanned one shirt twice since they're the same.  [Look at receipt and see two of the same UPC numbers]

So THAT got worked out, but when she went to return the jacket I was only going to get back $47.  Ok, no.  I paid $60.  I'm going to get $60 back. 

She told me that it was part of a buy one get one 50% off.  The store automatically paired the jacket with one of the bras and there was NO way to give me $60 back. 

There is absolutely a way to get all the money back and if I have to return the bras I will.  But I will be getting $60 back for the jacket

I can't help you.

I'd like to talk to your manager.

[Roll eyes] You're going to have to stand over there and wait.

Brad shows up and I explain that the bras were buy-one-get-one-half-off.  I bought two bras.  I bought ONE jacket that had the same deal.  But I didn't want two jackets.  HE gets what I was saying and agrees that it should have been paired with like items. 

Then another manager shows up.  Ashley jumps in and explains what's going on in the worst possible light being completely unhelpful.  Thinking to myself, "And THIS Ashley is why Brad is a manager and YOU are not."

The two managers are working very calmly and most helpfully trying to work out a solution.

Their first solution was to give me $60 store return.  I initially agreed thinking they would give me the money back in cash, but then they started to put it on a Kohls gift card I stopped them and said, "Based on how this has all gone down so far, I'm not real anxious to come back here and shop.  So that's really not going to work for me."

They empathized completely but said that their hands were tied.  So the ONLY way to get the full value of the jacket was to return the bra that it was paired with.  So I stepped around the corner into the bathroom and took my bra off hoping it was the right one.  Even without the sales tag they were able to look it up. 

ASHLEY said that the one on the receipt was nude.  (GAH!!! ASHLEY!!!)  I corrected her, "Actually they were both white."  The manager confirmed it was the correct bra and returned it with the jacket and I got my full refund.  AND they lost out on the profit from the second bra that I wanted to keep. 

Don't tell me that I'm not going to get a full refund for this jacket, Ashley.  I will totally take my bra off if I have to.  Right here.  Right now. 

After it was all settled I thanked Brad by name for understanding and helping me.  He looked confused and asked, "How did you know my name?"  I smiled and said, "Because I listen."

And then I walked triumphantly out of the store BRA-LESS feeling like a warrior.  Hear me roar, Ashley.  Hear me roar.

In retrospect they should have rung up the two bras in a new transaction to pair them together with the deal and then return everything from the first receipt.  But hindsight is 20-20.  And this makes for a far better story.  Win.

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nelia m. said...

I absolutely love this post! You need to send this to kohls! You are awesome