Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cherubs to the farm

Cherubs has an annual trip to the farm that we participated in again. Cherubs is a 0-5 singing group that was organized as a retirement project by Atha Petty about 15 years ago. I haven't been going to Cherubs myself because the boys have out grown it and just run around and disrupt everybody else. So, Grandma has been taking Elle to Cherubs so she can enjoy it. She likes being with her other little friends and she'll come home and sing all the songs. I still participate in that I am helping them convert all their music from the tape system to CD's and digital. It makes the monthly music preparation MUCH quicker.

The farm sits in the middle of Vallejo in a residential neighborhood and right next to a school. I'm not sure it's a really good example of an operating farm because they're slightly disorganized and messy, but they've got all the token animals and a rather large collection of ducks and aggressive geese. Elle had a run in with two geese in particular that came down the path towards her honking loudly and weren't afraid of people in the least. Elle got VERY upset and started screaming and backed off the path over a vegetable of some sort. The geese were just eye level with her, and I'm sure I'd be scared too if something my size came at me like that.

The kids fed the animals little scraps of bread or leafy green stuff. We saw one of Grandma's turkeys that she donated to the farm two years ago. She had originally gotten two turkeys with the intention of making them Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. However, they got SO big that they were too much to handle in butchering, de-feathering and cooking. Fortunately for them, right?

We went through the whole place in about an hour, which I didn't expect. I brought a lunch. It worked out though because the boys stopped listening and I declared an end to the outing. They kept throwing rocks at the ducks despite more than one request to stop. Whenever we go anywhere I remind them as we are going in what happens when they stop listening. They faithfully reply in unison, "We go home." At least they know the consequences and more importantly that I'll follow through and do it. Poor Elle, who was also throwing rocks, had to be carried out kicking and screaming. I just reminded her all the way back to the car how she didn't listen and this was the consequence. I figure it saves me more headaches in the long run.

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