Thursday, May 15, 2008


We went to Habitot for the first time in a while. They don't have free parking, which is probably why it's been so long. They've added quite a bit to their water play and grocery store since last we were there. The kids spent a lot of time in the water play area. They brought in little cars to make a car wash. The kids rode around in one and "washed" the other, which I thought was smart since they weren't getting themselves wet by washing both.

Elle spent a bit of time making the art project. They had several salad spinners with paper plates, paint and droppers for the paint. She would put drip paint onto her plate and then put the lid on and spin it making neat designs. Hunter had me write his name in paint and then spun it, which looked really cool. Ethan only put paint around the edges of his plate so the design looked rather striking.

I mostly just followed Elle around and let the boys run on their own. Habitot is the smallest of any of the places we go so they were relatively easy to keep track of. Hunter went and painted his face in the dress up area. Ethan and he played make believe in the space ship and launching station they had set up. In the construction zone Ethan used the building materials to build a "house". What he did was make an outline, kind of like a live architectural floor plan. He showed me everybody's bedrooms and the door and all the other aspects of his creation. It was impressive.

One of Elle's favorite things at any museum are the areas where she can pretend to be like Mom. She went into the little store and went shopping with a little grocery cart. She brought it over to me and we talked about all the things she picked out and she pretended to eat each one after we talked about it.

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