Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Running through the sprinklers

We had a bit of a heat wave this week. On Wednesday we have Denver over for a play date. After I picked them up from TinyTots and fed everybody lunch we headed up to Grandma's for some time in the sprinklers. We brought the squirt guns from the Father's and Son's outing and balls. There was lots of running and screaming to begin with, but as they got their energy out they began experimenting with the spirnkler and all the towels that were provided.

I remember playing in the sprinklers as a child. It's one of those "must's" of childhood. Fortunately Grandma has a great backyard for this kind of thing. After they finished soaking all their towels we dumped the ice maker out on the lawn for them to play with. They thought it was great fun to throw the ice-cubes up in the air and watch them shatter on the patio. I sat just inside the door so I could keep and eye on them and watched a movie on Grandma's laptop.

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