Monday, May 26, 2008

Filling Momma's shoes

Elle has found my only pair of heels in the closet and decided to claim them as her own. She loves wearing them all over the house and even wanted to wear them when we went out today.

A little princess walking around in her momma's heels is so classic!

Elle has also found my bag of material scraps which she loves to get into. She'll take out some piece of material and have me tie it around her wrist or drape it over her head, all the while saying, "So pretty. I'm a princess!"

Ethan on the other hand has used the same bag of material scraps to give Hunter a wildly nasty Indian burn on the back of his neck. Apparently that was the "fee" for use of the living room swing as dictated by Ethan. Hunter went along with it until he realized how much it hurt. As a punishment Ethan went on restriction from TV and has to make Hunter's bed for a week. He begged for a spank instead.

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